21 August 2017

Recruiter magazine reveals 2017’s 11 Most Influential In-House Recruiters

Who’s behind the recruitment strategies of the world’s leading brands? Featuring talent leaders from brands such as Google and PepsiCo, the 11 Most Influential In-House Recruiters of 2017 are revealed in the September issue of Recruiter magazine.

From using Instagram campaigns to recruit carers, to making inroads into greater diversity & inclusion in the construction industry, the in-house recruiters earning places on the 2017 list are fighting skills shortages and the need to identify and recruit the right talent for their businesses with agility and creativity.

“The recruitment landscape has never been more challenging – but at the same time, the in-house recruiters who handle employers’ internal recruitment needs are more than rising to the occasion, using their imagination, data and pure drive to get the right talent into their businesses,” said Recruiter editor DeeDee Doke.

“To do so, they need to have a genuine understanding of their target audiences – where they ‘live’ online and beyond – and their own organisations. They need to know what the workforce needs now, what it’s going to need a bit down the line, and what is going to make their organisations appealing employers for a highly selective group of people with top skills,” Doke said.

The 11 Most Influential In-House Recruiters list is now in its fifth year.

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