5 November 2019

Redactive going for Gold at British Horse Society charity race

In two days time (on Thursday 7th November), our equine expert Sophie Conway (Sales Manager – Country Division), will be competing in a race organised by the British Horse Society at their charity race day at Newbury Racecourse.

The purpose of the race is to raise money for the BHS, whose charitable aim is to promote the interests of all horses and those who care about them, including over 3 million people in the UK.

Sophie will be riding over a mile in a highly competitive field of ten, whose riders mainly work full time with horses. After passing an arduous fitness assessment, and a British Racing School assessment of her riding ability, Sophie has spent the last six months riding out with a trainer to hone her racing skills.

Thanks to Sophie’s continual hard work, dedication and some horrendous pre-dawn early starts, she has already raised £2,500 for the British Horse Society. She has the full support and backing of everyone here at Redactive.

We are delighted to be taking part in such a prestigious and worthy event. It only highlights Redactive’s great relationship with BHS and our advertisers, and gives Sophie a once in a lifetime opportunity to ride competitively, at full speed, on a top race course.

To find out more about the race, click here.

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