11 September 2017

IEMA launches new membership magazine

Last spring, after a competitive tender, Redactive won the contract to publish IEMA’s monthly membership magazine. The magazine, formerly known as The Environmentalist, has undergone a complete overhaul and will now be known as Transform.

About Transform

After assuming responsibility for the multi-platform magazine, Redactive brought it in line with IEMA’s new branding, including their new corporate font (Museo) and colour palette (white punctuated with flashes of colour). Conceptual illustrations and photography have been added to give the magazine a more modern look and feel.

The magazine’s title, Transform, directly derives from IEMA’s mission statement to “transform the world to sustainability”. It reflects the innovative and transformative work carried out by IEMA members across the globe.

The magazine will continue to deliver essential environment and sustainability news and updates, and will also offer thought pieces and policy insights. The interviews, beginning with an interview with Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party, will be bold and provocative, taking on challenging issues facing those in the environmental sustainability sector.

Tim Balcon, CEO of IEMA, says “We’re very excited to launch Transform, and I’m sure members will see a very visible difference in not only the look of their membership magazine but the editorial direction and attitude towards tackling the big issues.”

“We’ve developed Transform, root and branch, based on member feedback about what they collectively and individually need from the magazine. We took the title’s entire direction from what members told us is important, and the result is something that really reflects our values to be bright, open and brave. I look forward to hearing what members think of their new magazine.”

In addition to publishing Transform in print 10 times a year, Redactive will also manage IEMA’s job board (now re-branded from The Environmentalist to IEMA Jobs – www.iemajobs.net) and the magazine’s official website due to be launched in October.

If you’d like to subscribe to Transform magazine please get in touch at [email protected].

Transform editorial or advertising enquiries should be directed to [email protected] or telephone +44 (0) 20 7880 6200.